Straalco Klein NV, established on Lieven Gevaertlaan 4 te 3900 PELT, takes great care of your personal data and takes all necessary steps to guarantee your privacy.


In this privacy declaration we will provide you clear and tranparant information about the way we handle your private data. Straalco Klein will act beyond doubt in accordance with all legal regulations including the General Data Protection Regulation.


As part of our main activity, shotblasting and application of shopprimers on all steel construction materials, we need to ask you for your contact details.


You’re one of our clients or suppliers:


As client or supplier we need to process your personal data in order to fulfil the performance of our contractual obligations. Mainly, this concerns contact details such as name, phonenumber and/or emailadress to simplify our communications. If some contact

details are no longer accurate we kindly ask you to inform us and/or to up-date these details.We will keep this information up-to-date as long as there is a contractual, tax or accountancy obligation.


Your data:


Your data will be stored on a secure IT platform. Straalco Klein has taken all necessary administrative, physical and technological steps to ensure and guarantee the protection of your privacy.


Your data will under no circumstances leave the European territory. Your data will not be passed on to third parties.


Your rights as a person:


You have the right to claim your personal information, the right not to be contacted or even more to be removed from our files, as long as there is no accountancy obligation or a neccesity for the tax administration which prevent us to do so. You can claim this by letter or email to “




You have the right to complain to the commission of the protection of privacy.

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