Company Profile

Since the start of the nineteen fifties, the Klein group has been a constantly growing, SME-structured, independent surface treatment enterprise.

At the end of the fifties the parental, nationally structured painting company was taken over by the current senior executive Manfred Klein.

The start of the sixties saw the launch of the industrial corrosion protection activities.

In 1965: Establishment of the first blasting plant in France.

In 1972: Start of an automatic blasting line at Dillinger Hüttenwerke, Germany.
Establishment of a new blasting plant in the current Dillingen-Nord industrial area.

In 1974: First foreign yard in Indonesia - Krakatou Steel.

Mid-70's: Complete paintwork at the largest yard in the world at the time in Puerto Ordaz in Venezuela, and the establishment of the company Picomet..

Start of the 80's: Entry into the world of industrial coating systems, 3- and 4-coat systems, etc. for the European domestic market.

Other foreign yards in all parts of the world, in co-operation with large international constructors such as the Ariane rocket launching pad on French Guyana.

In 1985: Establishment of the subsidiary Klein - Lux in Differdange on the premises of Profil Arbed in Luxembourg.

In 1986: Head office new buildings, Industriegebied - Nord in Dillingen-Saar.

In 1991: Establishment of Klein KFT in Hungary. Here the company has in meantime started operations at four different locations. Manual blasting - coating and powder coatings.

In 1993: Take-over of Straalco Overpelt N.V. in Belgium. ( Straalco - Klein N.V. )

In 2000: Expansion in Overpelt with a second industrial hall and blasting line.


Straalco Klein N.V. is established on the Nolimpark industrial estate in Pelt, Belgium, in the north of Limburg approx. 6 km from the Dutch border.

With its 10,000 m² of industrial halls, Straalco Klein disposes of the largest production capacity in Belgium for automatic steel blasting and the application of weld and shop primers onto all the various steel construction materials.

Since 1993 Straalco Klein has been ISO quality certified. 

ISO certification has become an essential aspect that benefits us all and stands for quality endeavours and quality care. Straalco Klein has already been working on this quality care for years.