Straalco Klein N.V. is established on the Nolimpark industrial estate in Pelt, Belgium, in the north of Limburg approx. 6 km from the Dutch border.

With its 10,000 m² of industrial halls, Straalco Klein disposes of the largest production capacity in Belgium for automatic steel blasting and the application of weld and shop primers onto all the various steel construction materials.

Straalco Klein N.V. specialises in automatic steel blasting and the application of welding/shop -primers on all types of construction steel. 


Principal clients: 
- Steel traders
- Steel constructors
- Shipbuilding
- Sanitary
- Silo construction
- Trailer construction 


Company profile:
- Productions halls: 10.000 m²
- Capacity: 500 tons / day
- Feed-through width: 3.200 mm
- Feed-through height: 500 mm
- Feed-through length: 30 metres
- Steel plates from thickness: 3 mm
- Drum blasting of small parts

Number of employees:  - 21


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